My top 10 melodic death metal albums of 2011
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My top 10 melodic death metal albums of 2011
These are my personal choices for the best melodic death metal albums of 2011. I know Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Norther, and some other popular bands also released an album this year, I haven't forgot them. Tho, I don't think it was their best release in my opinion. So, what are your choices for the year that have just passed ? m/ Happy new metal year !!! m/ Merch website : Omnium Gatherum : Before The Dawn : Symbolic : Nightrage : Scar Symmetry : Grey Heaven Fall : Torchbearer : Suidakra : Insomnium : Amon Amarth : Disclaimer : My only purpose is to share some good albums of the last year that people may don't know yet. I highly encourage viewers to buy these albums if they like them, go to their shows, buy merchandise, etc.
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