My Top 15 Folk Metal-Bands
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My Top 15 Folk Metal-Bands
The audio material in the video is for promotional use only. No copyright infringement intended! I was a bit bored, so I decided to make this video :). I have made this video for all the metalheads out there who are looking for some great new bands! I hope you found at least one you like, if so buy their stuff and visit concerts! ;) I do not own any rights for the music and the pictures that are used in the video! All copyrights of the music go to: 1#: ©Nuclear Blast Records (2008) 2#: ©Nuclear Blast Records (2009) 3#: ©Spinefarm Records (2009) 4#: ©Century Media Records (2004) 5#. ©Nuclear Blast Records (2008) 6#: ©Napalm Records (2009) 7#: ©Napalm Records (2009) 8#: ©Century Media Records (2007) 9#: ©Sound Age Production (2007)/Napalm Records (2008) 10#: ©Spikefarm Records (2001) 11#: ©Napalm Records (2008) 12#: ©Displeased Records (2005) 13#: ©Napalm Records (2007) 14#: ©Black Bards Entertainment (2008) 15#: ©Armageddon (2006) If there are any problems with the copyrights then please contact me and I will delete the video. Please post some comments how you like the video and the bands listed in it and also about other bands that deserve to be in this video, I am always interested in new great bands, maybe you know one that I do not know ;-). This represents Folk Metal-Bands that I very much enjoyed listening to at the time I was making the video. If I would do a remake of it, the list would be significantly different. Metalfans against Nazis! Fuck the political ...
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