My top 5 favorite punk / pop-punk bands! ☺
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My top 5 favorite punk / pop-punk bands! ☺
there are MY favorite punk bands.. i don't need to hear how you don't think they are punk or how "this" band should be in there, be nice please :) i do not own any of the bands in this video, YOUTUBE please do NOT remove the audio for this video the fallowing are the band names and songs used... consider this free publicity. i am not making any money off this video. OPENING SONG: The Call Out (You Are the Dishes) - Hit the lights number 5 : ocean avenue - yellow card number 4 : first date - blink 182 number 3 : marriage to millions - Cute Is What We Aim For number 2 : eighty eights - farewell number 1 : i don't know about you, but i came to dance - forever the sickest kids CREDITS SONG: This Respirator - the flatliners please ignore these extra tags: Usher & Young Jeezy - Love In This Club OFFICIAL.Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes.Guess what?.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - TFU Experience.PPP - "School Is For Losers".Sandee Westgate's Sweeney Todd DVD Review."SEXY LADY" Uncensored Yung Berg ft. JUNIOR. sexo promo Butter Sh*t. NBA highlights from April 5.Mr. Wooden Alligator- Scrambled Eggs!.Camp Rock OFFICIAL Trailer #1.Guess what?.Dressed to the nines!. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - TFU Experience. Let's Sumo! Grimmy v The Jonas Brothers.NBA TV Top 10: April 6.Olympic Torch 3rd Protest London BBC Coverage.Camp Rock OFFICIAL Trailer #1.Call Me Madness by DJ Gemz.Olympic torch relay meets with protest in London - 06 Apr 08.FREE IPOD VIDEO!! WOW!! LOOK!!!!.Day ...
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