Myrkvar - Stilte voor de Storm + Krijgers van Walhalla
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Myrkvar - Stilte voor de Storm + Krijgers van Walhalla
Myrkvar is a Viking/Folk Metal band from Holland with Black Metal influences. The band just released their first album, and has already supported bands like Ancient Rites, Trail of Tears, Manegarm, Korpiklaani, Finntroll and Turisas. The band Myrkvar dates back to 2003, when it started as a black metal band. Since then, Myrkvar has experienced the coming and going of multiple musicians, which over time shifted the character of its black origins to a more folk style. The moniker Myrkvar was kept, because it's meaning ('eclipse') can be interpreted as darkening folk music, which is exactly what the band does nowadays. It's live-shows are said to be energetic, powerful and definitely worth a visit. On their first full-length album 'Als een Woeste horde' ('As a fierce horde'), which has been recorded in the end of 2006, Myrkvar presents folk melodies on violin and keys, accompanied by heavy guitar riffs, black metal blasts and dancable humpaas. You will also hear the first forecasts of their music with more clean vocals, which will lead to an even more diverse sound in the future. This is taken at Geldersch Metal Treffen on Saturday 20 December 2008 in Oud Zevenaar Holland.
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