NAPALM DEATH "When All Is Said and Done" (with lyrics on the screen)
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NAPALM DEATH "When All Is Said and Done" (with lyrics on the screen)
NAPALM DEATH "When All Is Said and Done" with lyrics on the screen, official video & live, Napalm Death - Smear Campaign, Line Up: Mark "Barney" Greenway - Lead Vocals Mitch Harris - Guitar, Shrill Cries (Backing Vocals) Shane Embury - Bass, NY Aggro Lung Assault (Backing Vocals) Danny Herrera - Drums ignore tabs: Mark "Barney" Greenway - Vocals (1989-1996, 1997-) (Colostomy, Benediction, Extreme Noise Terror) Mitch Harris - Guitars, Backing Vocals (1990-) (Defecation, Righteous Pigs, Meathook Seed, Goatlord (USA)) Shane Embury - Bass (1987-) (Lock Up, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, Warhammer (Gbr), Meathook Seed, Venomous Concept, Azagthoth (Gbr), Drop Dead (Gbr), Blood from the Soul, Insidious Disease) Danny Herrera - Drums (1991-) (Venomous Concept, Anaal Nathrakh); Former/past member(s) Vocals: Rich Militia (Richard Walker) (some early year live shows) (Solstice (Gbr), Sore Throat, Sludgelord, Isen Torr, Wartorn (Gbr), Warfear, Discontrol, Nailbomb (Gbr), Harmony As One, Bio-Hazard (Gbr), Pagan Altar) Lee Dorrian (1987-1989) (Cathedral, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, S.O.B. (Jpn), Paul Chain, Pig Disease, Armed Revolutionary Faction) Phil Vane (1996-1997) (Extreme Noise Terror) Guitars: Simon "Si O" Ockenheinem (1981) Daryl "Sid" Fideski (1982) Graham "Robbo" Robertson (1982-1985, also bass) (Witch Hunt) Justin Broadrick (1985-1987) (Fall of Because, Godflesh, Head of David, Jesu, Council Estate Electronics, Curse of the Golden Vampire, Final, God, Greymachine, Ice, J2, Krackhead, Scorn (Gbr), The Sidewinder, Solaris BC, Sweet Tooth, Tech Level 2, Techno Animal, White Static Demon, White Viper, Youpho, Pale Sketcher) Frank Healy (1987) (Cerebral Fix, Benediction, Sacrilege) Bill Steer (1987-1989) (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols) Jesse Pintado (1989-2004) (R.I.P. July 12th 1969 - August 27th 2006, liver failure stemming from excessive drinking) (Lock Up, Terrorizer, Brujeria) Bass: Nicholas "Nik Napalm" Bullen (1981-1987, also vocals) (Scorn (Gbr), Thatcher's Guts, Useless Eaters) Finbar Quinn (1982-1985) (Witch Hunt) Pete "Peanut" Shaw (1985) Jim Whitely (1987) (Ripcord (Gbr), Drop Dead (Gbr), Doom (Gbr), Cracked Cop Skulls, Squandered, Dumbstruck, Prophecy Of Doom) Drums: Miles "Rat" Ratledge (1981-1985) (Anorexia, Aberration, Witch Hunt) Mick Harris (1985-1991) (Defecation, Extreme Noise Terror, Unseen Terror, Anorexia, Pain Killer, Motherfuckers from Mars, Doom (Gbr), Scorn (Gbr), Drop Dead (Gbr), Martian Brain Squeeze)
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