Nations Afire: The Ghosts We Will Become (Official Video)
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Nations Afire: The Ghosts We Will Become (Official Video)
This is the official music video for "The Ghosts We Will Become" from Nations Afire's debut record "The Ghosts We Will Become" due out summer 2012. Nations Afire are a four piece band that features current and former members of some of the most influential punk and hardcore bands from the past decade. Guitarist Chris Chasse has an impressive resume that includes a tenure with Rise Against (Siren Song of the Counter Culture '04 and The Sufferer & the Witness '06). Vocalist/guitarist Nik Hill and bassist Brett Rasmussen are both long standing members of the Orange County hardcore outfit Ignite and drummer Todd Hennig was the percussive force behind Death By Stereo for three albums. Bassist Brett Rasmussen explains the bands excitement in making their own video. "I think we have all done just about everything there is to do in regards to being in a band like; writing, recording, producing, playing live, touring and so forth, but none of us had ever made a full production video ourselves. It was a welcomed challenge and to be honest, ended up being a lot of fun!" The band called on another friend, editor Tim Lunsford, to handle the cutting of the video. We were sitting there with Tim for about an hour and he finally said "Are you guys gonna really sit here for the next 8 hours and watch me do this...get outta here, I will send you the first cut tonight" We all laughed, then left. "I really think every band should direct their own video at least once, it creates a sense of ...
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