Nemesis Divina- Massive Exctinction Impact
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Nemesis Divina- Massive Exctinction Impact
Remember the days when a rock n roll band LOOKED like a rock n roll band? Remember the days when a rock n roll band was DANGEROUS? Remember the days when going to a rock n roll show was going to a SHOW? Remember the days when a rock n roll band had PERSONLITY,LOOKS,ATTITUDE?? Remember the days when the members of a rock n roll band had the "IT" factor? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then NEMESIS DIVINA is the band for you! Imagine Slayer getting fucked by Guns n Roses and Motley Crue in terms of Sound, Looks, Attitude and you will have an idea of what we are talking about! 5 guttersluts with nothing to lose and everything to gain! The one tested and true way of breaking a band is by TOURING and the boys in NEMESIS DIVINA are ready to jump into a van, hop on the backs of camels, get into boats, WHATEVER it takes! Many bands talk the talk.....and finally here is one that walks the walk!! Origin & history Catchy! The one word that most people use to describe Nemesis Divina. Massive riffing, Clear Vocals, Thunderous Bass and Bombastic beats are the formula to the Nemesis Divina sound which is deeply rooted in 80's thrash and a style rooted in 80's sleeze!. Nemesis Divina are neither retro, or part of any "thrash movements" that might be happening at the time. Formed in 2010 in Amsterdam, Holland by American Vocalist/Guitarist Superstar Joey Severance and Dutch Guitarist, Michiel Rutten.The band is rounded out by 3 young and hungry Finns who in their own right ...
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13.06.2012 (1261 days ago)
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