New Gojira's EP!!!! Info + Video [Gojira... One of the Best Metal Bands Out There?]
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New Gojira's EP!!!! Info + Video [Gojira... One of the Best Metal Bands Out There?]
Since the announcement way back in April that French death metal band Gojira would be releasing a special four-song EP to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, fans have been expectantly waiting for the group to hit the studio. The band, formerly known as "Godzilla" (and the inspiration behind the name of the Sea Shepherd's latest sleek anti-whaling vessel) finally recorded the EP in November — their first new tracks in two years. In a new interview over on ArtistDirect, guitarist/vocalist Joe Duplantier says the music will be "heavy, fast and in your face". Rumors has it that Gojira may also be getting involved with Animal Planet and composing a new song for the "Whale Wars" series opening credits. For the past three seasons, "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins has been the opener, so it seems kind of odd that they would transition to something different now — but I'd certainly love to hear whatever they come up with. Jump here to check out the video interview over on ArtistDirect! Expect the EP to be available in July! tags Gojira "of blood and salt" Meshuggah Devin Townsend Live
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