Nydvind - Gates to a distant past & Son of fire
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Nydvind - Gates to a distant past & Son of fire
France,2010,album:Sworn to the elders, nydvind.free.fr NYDVIND was created in November 2000 by Richard Loudin, aka Yoltar from the celtic metal band BRAN BARR. Richard Loudin was joined in a first place by Eric Tabourier on drums, aka Herr Rikk from the black metal band TEMPLE OF BAAL. Then NYDVIND started rehearsing under this duo-form. A few months later, Nicolas Favard joined on second guitar. Nicolas used to play in Richard Loudin's doom metal band DESPOND. He didn't stay a long time and quickly left the band. In mid 2001, Richard Loudin found a new guitar player in the name of Loïc Cellier, also frontman of celtic black metal band BELENOS. And the band line-up was finally completed in late 2001 when Olivier Sans joined NYDVIND on the bass. Olivier Sans also plays in BRAN BARR with Richard Loudin. Due to his occupation in BELENOS and his distance from Paris which is NYDVIND's location, Loïc Cellier decided to leave the band and was replaced by Loïc Courtete in March 2002. Loïc Courtete is also member of the celtic black metal bands HEOL TELWEN and BRAN BARR, and the doom death metal band INBORN SUFFERING. NYDVIND signed with french label Sacral Productions and the debut album "Eternal Winter Domain" was released in September 2003. In June 2004, Eric Tabourier left NYDVIND and was replaced in August 2004 by AES DANA's drummer, JuanJo Esquivel. Then the band started working on new songs and entered in Autumn 2005 the CCR Studio (Belgium) to record its second album ...
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