Obituary - Don't Care
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Obituary - Don't Care
The living or deathly Death Metal legends Obituary! their video "Don't care" from World Demise album 1994 m/ Lyrics for Don't Care: Come on, don't do well Where I feed the living hearts I got a torch to light Feel these smelter fires burn [Chorus:] I don't care what they say! I don't care! I'll do what I want! I am by your side Tell me you think what to do No way, I don't fear Slow down, follow in my grave [Repeat Chorus] Your ways, I despise Go forth and get with your own kind We've got fumes to behold Setting, one size of fortune Farewell to great friends These will face the burning sun Tattoed shadows lifted Fear not, like the burning plague! [Repeat chorus] Bright light the sear his face Pitfalls twisted Call me far from now I survived through all this hell I DON'T CARE!!! Don't CARE!!!!! I really don't care! Check more: BUT FUCK OFF!!!! bullatory song damns rappers! HATRED AGAINS hiphop in REAL METAL NOW! fuck that shit "music" in real METAL! I JUST SAW OBITUATY LIKE AN HOUR AGO! ICANT BELIVE IT! HAILS TO THE GODS OF DEATH +OBITUARY+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hails to all!! m/ 25 April 2008 m/ 12:11am Venezuela, South America
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