Ophidian Forest-The Tower
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Ophidian Forest-The Tower
Summoning Of The Igneous -2011- Support Ophidian Forest on; www.facebook.com ; www.myspace.com ;www.ophidianforest.com OPHIDIAN FOREST started up in December 2006 as a Croatian/ Dutch/US black metal collaboration of three individuals in order to create "chaotic Pagan black metal" by means of exchanging recordings over the net and by regular mail since they live thousands of miles away from each other. In fact, none have ever met each other in person, and without the current ease of global communication it's far less likely that this project would have been possible before the times of fast DSL connections. Guitarist/bassist Zaragil lives in Croatia, drummer Otrebor lives in San Francisco, and vocalist/keyboardist/lyricist Amalgamoth is from the Netherlands. So far, Ophidian Forest recorded 3 albums and material for two split releases with other bands. The main theme for the debut album "REDBAD" was the most glorious time of the Frisian kingdom around the start of the 8th century CE, led by the brave king Redbad (680-719). His last-minute rejection of getting baptized in favour of joining his Pagan ancestors in what the Christians call Hell has become a legend of its own and is in our day still commemorated by some people (The Pagan calendar mentions "Rey Redbad" Day, on August 9th). King Redbad dared to stay true to his Pagan roots and his ancestors and made Frisia an important counterforce in Western Europe. In the centuries after king Redbad, the Christians destroyed or ...
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