Original Progressive Metal Song, "The Span Between" by Steven DeMartini
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Original Progressive Metal Song, "The Span Between" by Steven DeMartini
SUBSCRIBE! Please thumbs up if you like it and leave comments, too! This is the third of four songs I plan to self-release on a solo instrumental progressive metal EP later this year. All parts of the song were written and recorded entirely by me. Hope you enjoy it. Details: Electric Guitar: Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR Acoustic Guitar: Martin (not sure the model) Bass: (crappy) Squier Drums: All written by me. Used EZ Drummer with Drumkit from Hell for the virtual sounds. I'd record live drums if I had the equipment to do so. Digital Audio Workstation: Reaper Recording: All recording was direct through a cheap USB interface. For acoustic guitar, I used the guitar's built-in aftermarket pickup and an external microphone. (Note: Underneath the acoustic recordings are layers of electric guitar to make it sound more full.) I used no amps, stomp boxes, or any external effects of any kind. I used a demo of Guitar Rig 3 and a demo of Guitar Rig 4 for all guitar tones. Tunings: Electric Guitar: D-standard (DGCFAD) Bass Guitar: D-standard (DGCF) Acoustic Guitar: DADGCE
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