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Pegasus - Justice http In the summer of 2004, Johnny Berendsen and Vincent van der Veen, two guitarists from a small Dutch town called Vught, who had known each other since primary school, got the idea to form a band. Being fans of 80s trashmetal bands such as Metallica and Megadeth, they didnt have to think twice about what kind of music they wanted to play. Their style would be similar to those bands, but they would give it their own twist. So they started looking for musicians with similar taste and enthusiasm, which turned out to be a little harder than they had thought. Not until 2006, after many different line-ups, did they find their permanent drummer, Bram de Laat. By then Johnny and Vincent had come up with the name Pegasus for their band. Their repertoire had grown a lot since the day they had started as well. In December of 2006 they hooked up with bassist Rob Goossens. After 2 ½ years the forming of Pegasus was finally over. Now all the pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together. In May 2007, after their first couple of gigs, they jumped in the studio to record their first demo. You havent heard them play yet? You will, because Pegasus is ready to take on the world! See you on the road! Pegasus ® is a registered trademark.
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