Prostitute Disfigurement - Disemboweled & On Her Guts I Cum
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Prostitute Disfigurement - Disemboweled & On Her Guts I Cum
Another fucking brutal band from the Netherlands...PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT! These are the songs "Disemboweled" and "On Her Guts I Cum" from Prostitute Disfigurement's sick debut album EMBALMED MADNESS. My favorite record from this band is Deeds Of Derangement....but I took the songs from Embalmed Madness because it's their rawest and heaviest record by far. I put these songs together because that outro sample in the end of Disemboweled morphs into the intro of On Her Guts I Cum without a stop in between so it's better off this way...that and also the fact that neither one of these songs are even 3 minutes long...or actually none of the songs in the entire album reach the 3 minute bar. This is their only record besides their first demo where they used drum machine for drums (explains those incredibly fast double bass parts in these songs). Guitars are fucking heavy and they play very raw and brutal somewhat old school influenced riffs...there's only one guitar solo in this entire debut album and that's in the song Disemboweled. The singer Niels does really low gutturals that sound somewhat like deep pig lyrics were written for this album for the obvious reason of indecipherable vocals lol....the second album Deeds Of Derangement had lyrics in one song only...but the third one Left In Grisly Fashion had full lyrics (and a re-recorded version of Disemboweled). Their last album Descendants Of Depravity however is where the band changed their sound remarkably by ...
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11.06.2012 (1266 days ago)
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