Rising Force (Yngwie J Malmsteen) Steackmike One Man Band (Guitar,Synth,Drum Foot Technic)
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Rising Force (Yngwie J Malmsteen) Steackmike One Man Band (Guitar,Synth,Drum Foot Technic)
fr.youtube.com Visit my channel,thanks for subscribing Visiter ma chaine,Merci de vous abonner Watch In High Quality fr.youtube.com I play this gigantic song of yngwie malmsteen on my system of one man band. Lets rock!!!!! NOTICE: I PLAY ALL INSTRUMENTS AT SAME TIME,PLAYING DRUM WITH MY FEETS ON ROLAND PK-5A WHO CONTROL SOUND OF THE TD-3. GUITAR ON LAG PLUG ON BOSS GT-8 PRESET YJM OWN CREATION SOUND WITH A BASS OCTAVER SOUND. SYNTH ON ROLAND XP-60. Far Beyond The Sun fr.youtube.com Jam On Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Style fr.youtube.com Free Download Album Free Spirit on www.easy-share.com Spirit Steackmike (2008).rar Myspace: www.myspace.com Facebook: fr-fr.facebook.com More Shred Videos: Eruption Van Halen: fr.youtube.com The New Canon Rock: fr.youtube.com Rising Force Yngwie Malmsteen: fr.youtube.com For The Love Of God Steve Vai: fr.youtube.com I'm Alright Neil Zaza: fr.youtube.com Guitar Sucks Bumblefoot: fr.youtube.com Manhattan Eric Johnson: fr.youtube.com Flying In A Blue Dream Joe Satriani: fr.youtube.com Decadance Dance Extreme: fr.youtube.com He Man Woman Hater Extreme: fr.youtube.com Freewaysteack Videos: Highway To Hell: fr.youtube.com Smoke On The Water: fr.youtube.com Johnny B Good: fr.youtube.com I'm Alright: fr.youtube.com Iraqi Cola Bomb: fr.youtube.com
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