runnerjma recommends: December 2011
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runnerjma recommends: December 2011
All of these titles should be available physically, digitaly, or through bandcamp and Spotify Lost Appeal- power electronics/harsh noise project from Andrew of Operation Grindcore: Impiety- Skullfucking Armageddon, sophmoric effort from Singapore based blend of black metal, thrash metal, and death metal, just way ahead of its time: Broughton Rules- Bounty Hunter 1853, meaningful and cinematic math/post rock featuring members of Blunderbuss and Don Caballero: Deicide- Once Upon The Cross, boundary breaking 3rd album feturing these death metal pioneers at their peak and at their prime: Rompeprop- Gargle Cummics, downtuned and groove laden Dutch goregrind with pitch shifted vocals and a wicked sense of perversion: Full Of Hell- Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, modern hardcore masterpiece that delivers some punishing barrier breaking music: Cephalic Carnage- Halls Of Amenti, a single 19 minute long excursion into the bands doomier experimental side: Despised Icon- The Ills Of Modern Man, the album in which they make a dramatic shift in their tech death sound but deliver some catchy memorable tunes: Poison The Well- The Tropic Rot, a powerful album from one of my favorite emotional metalcore/hardcore bands ever, they need to come back NAO: Oathbreaker- Maelstrom, punishing metallic hardcore from ...
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