runnerjma recommends: the death metal edition
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runnerjma recommends: the death metal edition
Everybody seems to be doing suggestion and recommendation videos lately, so I figured I myself would do one by recommending to you 10 death metal albums, all different and diverse, but all worth your time and appreciation (click for links) Necros Christos- Doom Of The Occult, fantastic German death metal with a gloomy blackened edge Insidous Decrepancy- The Inerrancy Of Profanation, to me the best work of Shawn Whitaker's one man TXDM project, just amazing Avulsed- Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self Mutilation)- underrated old school death metal from Spain, creepy and just plain disgusting Vastum- Carnal Law- crushing and doomy California death metal, this band has so many great things going for them, be on the look out for them Hod- Serpent, blackened San Antonio death metal that makes other bands look like complete sissies http Bloodsoaked- The Death Of Hope, superb North Carolina one man death metal, done with care and precision Blood Red Throne- Brutalitarian Regime- some of the finest death metal to come out of Norway in quite a long time http Cannibal Corpse- Gallery Of Suicide, my favorite album of the Corpsegrinder era, somewhat overlooked and underrated, but to me a flawless masterpiece of classic Corpse Father Befouled- Profano Ad Regnum, some of the early work from one of my favorite death metal bands ever, so gloomy and stomach churning fatherbefouled.bandcamp ...
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