Sadus - Arise
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Sadus - Arise
A great Thrash/Death metal song from Sadus. I recommend the album "Swallowed in Black" strongly. Buy it, or else you don't get 45 minutes of earcandy. Sadus is a one of the most highly technical Thrash metal trio from the United States. Sadus formed in 1984 in Antioch, California. While their very first efforts were based highly on Slayer, these players gradually progressed and developed their sound into a unique, innovative kind of music. Even suffering from poor media exposure, this band has been able to reach the highest peaks in the genre, due to the constantly improving musicianship.The band name was suggested by a friend of the band named Rick Rogers back in 1985. It was originally taken from the novel Dune where Sadus are judges. The Fremen title refers to holy judges, equivalent to saints. LYRICS: Feasting on rancidness Not seeing through the self-accusing lies Are hordes of wormly cowards Who hesitate and fail to bring their dreams to life Oppression Quickening Aspirations Left unseen Lost in occupations Becoming socially secured Life's manipulation Age endures Accepting circumstances Resentment uncontained Quality of existence Capitalistic gains Can't you see Your destiny? Living free Doing what you feel and think is right Or do you just fail to see? BLIND Can't see through your own mind Cast yourself to live this lie Blackening out natural dignity Forcing in abnormal functioning Losing desire your will to leave This life you built so easily It's time... to live Rise Ascend from below to blaze a trail through life Follow your lead and succeed your destiny Arise Alive Strive to live and live to please your mind
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