Scar7 - Intro + Mass Destruction + Unleash The Fury
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Scar7 - Intro + Mass Destruction + Unleash The Fury
Scar7 plays a mix between Metal, Hardcore and Melody and keeping true since their founding in June 2006. The band grew in popularity fast. Now, after conquering their own area, the rest the world is next! Their second show already showed the potential they have. Winning the first prize in a Battle of the Bands competition. And since then the band had some shows with bands like: Portall, Last Breath Denied and Seizure. And On live shows, the band always stands for a unique stage performance and many crowd participation. In the summer of 2007, Scar7 made their first demo-EP. Containing three songs, the demo was greatly accepted by the fans. The demo was never officially released though. Instead of that, Scar7 made it available for download. In 2008 they recorded a new demo, which will be released as a self-titled EP. Again containing three songs. This demo shows the progression they made the last year. This is taken at Geldersch Metal Treffen on Saturday 20 December 2008 in Oud Zevenaar Holland. Scar7 is: Kevin Bas Pim Pieter Thomas
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