Sentenced - Descending Curtain of Death
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Sentenced - Descending Curtain of Death
Sentenced was a death metal band formed in '89 in Muhos. The band released one independent demo "When death joins us" the following year. 1991 the band was also featured in a four-band split album "Chronology of Death" with Swedish Carbonized, Dutch Bluuurgh . . . and Slovenian Xenophobia. the band also released their second independent demo "Rotting ways to Misery"'91. '91 they were able to sign on Thrash records and to release their first full-length "Shadows of the Past". The album and band achieved incredible amount of positive comments. The album itself, aswell as all the demo production earlier , was exceptionally melodic, still not forgetting the crushing Death metal riffs. Swedish Dismember and Finnish Sentenced can be considered ones of the most influencal bands of Melodic Death metal, and also Sentenced was said to have some kind of influence on Gothenburger genre in Sweden. In the middle of their two full-lengths , Sentenced released an independent demo "Journey to Pohjola" year '92, which consisted of three songs. Their second full-length "North from Here" was released through Finnish Spinefarm label in '93. The album showed that the band had a huge musical ambition. The second guitarist Sami Lopakka , also dealed with more and more essential keyboards and the technicality and melody of the guitars was brought to a whole new level. Next year EP "The Trooper" was released , which naturally opened with the Iron Maiden cover of "The Trooper" ( This cover is usually mistaken to be performed by Children of Bodom . . . BUT IT IS NOT PERFROMED BY CoB ). Since I am a big fan Old-School Death metal and not so great fan of Gothic Metal, I will stop my description here, for we all now, what happened to Sentenced on "Amok"'95 release. More info: R.I.P Miika Tenkula This is the closing track of the original Old-School Death Metal album "The Shadows of the Past"'91 Lyrics : " Death - Awaking from a dream what we also call life Life is not real - only Death is When the Curtain has descended The Nightmare is OVER! "
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