Septic Moon The Hidden Beast/Towards The End Of Times (HQ)
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Septic Moon The Hidden Beast/Towards The End Of Times (HQ)
1.The Hidden Beast Music & Lyrics: Shadowbuilder From a vast and infinite abyss In the void of the distant space I spread the shadows and death To the realms of shiny skies. I spit poisoned blood To the tear and blackened stars I roar like thousand storms To the limits of universe I soar. I dwell in darkness behind the shine of the sun. I live inside the veins Of every beast of night. I rest in silence Within the hate of souls I breath softly hidden to the sights In the empty depths of life. The shadows will come at dawn With grey pale formless storms And darkness will blackened skies To banish sunrise and warms of sun. Where death begins with the first breath of soul where shadows grows with the first ray of light where spirits are fulfill of pain and eyes are drowned in blood. 2.TOWARDS THE END OF THE TIMES Music & Lyrics: Shadowbuilder As I walk through freezing night alone Lift my face to the skies, Cold winds embrace my skin. I stop and close my eyes, I listen to the soft sounds of beats, Night is coming from the unknown worlds, The silent night surrounds me And drops me to my knees. I wish upon the stars above my darklord hears my screams This nameless spirit so full of hate. I wish that world be deceased. And drops me to my knees. Hold the darkness in your heart To condemned every enemy to the pain Not just now at the end of the times But all throughout the eternity. Recorded and Mixed by Miguel Angeles Tavera at MAT Studio on November 2007. Produced by Septic Moon ...
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14.06.2012 (1262 days ago)
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