Sky Sanctuary - For All Intents and Purposes - Djent
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Sky Sanctuary - For All Intents and Purposes - Djent
Oxford/Bristol based Sky Sanctuary are an Instrumental Electro Groove Metal band from the UK. Blending technical riffs with melodic progressions and incorporating a retro '8-bit' sounding edge, their consistent theme is to merge new ideas & concepts with progressive Metal and add a fresh twist to heavy music. Sky Sanctuary consists of founder Joey Cohen on Guitar (former member of iionix/Parallels) and Adam Verney on Bass (former member of iionix/Excessum), in search for a competent Drummer and Second Guitarist to complete their lineup. Recording and producing all their material independantly, Sky Sanctuary are currently in the process of writing an EP "Insert Coins" to be released in the very near future; with a full album to follow soon after.
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