Slayer- "Raining Blood" Cover
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Slayer- "Raining Blood" Cover
Old-school baby!!! The good shit!!! This is a major contributor to why I even wanted to pick up a guitar in the first place and learn how to play. I've been jamming the hell out of this song ever since I was 10 years old, and that will never change. Thanks to Beavis and Butthead for turning me onto Slayer to get the ball rolling, as well as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for taking my love for metal 20 steps further and more brutal by introducing me to Cannibal Corpse at the same time. Also can never forget all of my subscribers and followers of both my guitar and bodybuilding videos. You guys are what keeps the shit going, both supporters and the pussy ass haters :) METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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