Slayer - RuneScape 120 skillcape emotes series
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Slayer - RuneScape 120 skillcape emotes series
Slowly they come, say hello to the 6th emote! Some adventurers slay Abyssal Demons, to prove their might. Others want to prove it in a more impressive way and kill strykewyrms, but a slayer secret exist, only a few know about it. A true creature wanders under our feet. A common abyssal demon? No. But it's still from the abyss. The deepest part of it, yes, one mighty monster. Certainly the worst and most ruthless between the others. Adventurers who are extremely used to slay anything will have the courage to face the Abyssal Strykewyrm! Thanks to: Whats Sun - Letting me acquire his cape geometry. Bumbum007 - Trying to help me with the background (he had to go D: ) Troy - Helping me with the background Latty and Aaizen - Helping to chose a music* *I can't use epic style music anymore, copyright problems... :
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