Slipknot - Psychosocial
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Slipknot - Psychosocial
Slipknot - Psychosocial live at the Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia on the 27.02.12. Eight piece heavy metal ensemble, Slipknot, backed up their ferocious Soundwave performance with a sideshow at a very undersold and curtained off Sydney Entertainment Centre. The less than overwhelming attendance did nothing to deter the performances of either band playing that night, or the pulse of the maggots who crawled out of their festering carcasses to rock out with them. They may strike fear into the hearts of church goers and mothers groups with their scary imagery and disturbing lyrics, but five minutes in to their show and it's easy to see that rather than death and destruction, Slipknot, are all about fun and games. Flames flickered from below from beneath the drum riser while tin barrels were walloped with baseball bats and it took less than 20 seconds into the first song for DJ Sid Wilson (#0) to leap into the crowd; a recurring theme throughout the night. The band's musical performance certainly didn't play second fiddle to the theatrics either. At their aggressive peaks, Eyeless and Disasterpiece, drums and percussion rocketed at unbelievable speeds while guitar chugged along with all the menace they can muster. Vocalist Corey Taylor (#8) uttered growls from unknown depths, but he really shone when embracing the bigger melodies of Dead Memories and Wait and Bleed. #8 lead this band of colourful characters and their faithful maggots through the set with relative ...
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10.06.2012 (1212 days ago)
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