Soilent Green - Mental Acupuncture
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Soilent Green - Mental Acupuncture
Band: Soilent Green Song: Mental Acupuncture Album: Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction Genre(s): Sludge/Death Metal/Grindcore Lyrical Theme(s): Abusive/Dysfunctional Relationships, Drugs, Hate Lyrics: Time to assign the blame Another technique Bury the dead Before plague makes it's name Dealing with the world of authority Step back and take that breath No arguing over the quality Apply to these corrective habits Associated timeline of regression Plainly the wish of the numb Worked hard to beat the system Victimized and still won Over the hump, it's my turn now I've fought hard to turn this around Here's a tip that'll blow your mind Carbine stock for keeping this calm Force feed the ideas of positive awareness Lending this strength to penalized stages Now affixed to these perverted actions Devoted plenty to this practical goal Words must die in fated force The life of this becoming now laid to rest Evaluated for further development In causing this outbreak Antagonist that is hopeless in satisfaction A contribution to this stagnated expansion Retracted this violence instead of overreacting Normal in the eyes of reason, an overrun anthem Sometimes my silence can exhaust the confusion of others Reminders of the way we have embraced our retribution In time my devotion will lend bleeding truth to our oath Repetitive behavior on the verge of personal completion Wished and burnt it all away ...
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