Some Nice Power Metal Bands VII
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Some Nice Power Metal Bands VII
After quite some time another video containing these great bands: While Heaven Wept - The Furthest Shore (Epic Doom/Power Metal) Sinbreed - New Born Tomorrow (Speed/Power Metal) Ecliptica - Carry On (Power Metal) Visions of Atlantis - At The Back Of Beyond (Symphonic Power Metal) Chroming Rose - Louis XIV (Old School Power/Speed Metal) Leverage - Stormchild (Melodic/Power Metal) Artch - Power To The Man (Heavy/Power/Speed Metal) Special thanks to Deghinsea132 ( ), who encouraged me to continue with this series Of course I don´t own the rights or anything for the music, if the bands want me to delet the video, I´ll do it of course. Anyway: support them and buy their albums!!!
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