Technical Death Metal Showdown - Sweden VS Greece
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Technical Death Metal Showdown - Sweden VS Greece
Round 1 Anata (Swe) VS Cerebrum (Gr) Round 2 Spawn of Possession (Swe) VS Sickening Horror (Gr) Round 3 Theory in Practice (Swe) VS Mencea (Gr) Round 4 Visceral Bleeding (Swe) VS Mass Infection (Gr) Round 5 The Shattering (Swe) VS Echidna (Gr) Song used (album) year Anata Sewerages of the mind (Under a Stone with no Inscription) 2004 The Great Juggler (The Conductor's Departure) 2006 Cerebrum Pattern of Fear (Spectral Extravagance) 2006 Thorn's Weakness (Spectral Extravagance) 2006 Spawn of Possession Swarm of the Formless (Cabinet) 2003 Lash by Lash (Noctambulant) 2006 Sickening Horror An Eerie Aspect of Us... Drowning (When Landscapes Bled Backwards) 2007 Dusk (The Dead End Experiment) 2009 Theory in Practice Embodied for War (The Armageddon Theories) 1999 Conspiracy in Cloning (Colonizing the Sun) 2002 Mencea The Passing (Dark Matter Energy Noir) 2008 Ardad (Dark Matter Energy Noir) 2008 Visceral Bleeding Carved Down to the Bone (Remnants of Deprivation) 2002 Merely Parts Remain (Transcent into Verocity) 2004 Mass Infection Penetrate the Odious (Atonement for Iniquity) 2007 Furious Annihilation (The Age of Recreation) 2009 The Shattering Enter Bullet (The Shattering Begins) 2005 Next Door, Dead Whore (The Shattering Begins) 2005 Echidna Downforce (This Suffering) 2006 Demo This Suffering (This Suffering) 2006 Demo
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20.06.2012 (1254 days ago)
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