Testament - The Legacy (Stereo)
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Testament - The Legacy (Stereo)
We're gonna take you back Through the pages of the past Just another lonely boy I could laugh and play And live in any other way Then the devil took my soul The fortune and the fame I knew I was not the same And I know I'd never return Looking at the sky I knew I would never die And forever shining through Wish the sky would say That blue would turn to grey And I know I'd be there Like was like a fantasy Taken by reality Does anyone remember me You once knew me Flashes of the day I knew I was here to stay But no one stays the same Turn the pages back in time Through the chapters in my mind Life's too short to leave behind It's too late Like was like a fantasy Taken by reality Does anyone remember me You once knew me Flashes of the day I knew I was here to stay But no one Knows my name _________________ Testament is an American thrash metal band from San Francisco, formed in 1983. Testament has two Top 40 albums and one Top 50 album to its credit in the UK. Their 2008 album entered the Top 20 in Germany at #15. The 1999 album The Gathering also entered the Top 50 in Germany. They had minor top 100 album success in the United States. Testament was formed in the San Francisco area in 1983 by guitarist Eric Peterson and his cousin, Derrick Ramirez, also a guitarist, originally using the name Legacy. The band soon recruited bassist Greg Christian, drummer Mike Ronchette, and vocalist Steve Souza. Ramirez was subsequently replaced by guitarist Alex Skolnick, who had studied under SF Bay Area guitarist Joe Satriani. The band released one self-titled 4 song demo in 1986. Ronchette left shortly after the recording and was replaced by Louie Clemente. Steve Souza subsequently left the band to join Exodus, and suggested that Chuck Billy should replace him on lead vocals. While recording their first album, the band was forced to change their name to Testament (which, according to Maria Ferrero in the May 2007 issue of Revolver, was suggested by Billy Milano of S.O.D.) because "The Legacy" was already trademarked by a jazz band. Testament's first album, The Legacy, was released in 1987 on Megaforce Records. Testament received instant fame within thrash circles and were often compared with fellow Bay Area thrash pioneers Metallica. The band quickly managed to increase their exposure by heading out on a successful tour of America and Europe with Anthrax, who were then touring in support of their Among the Living album. On this tour the Live at Eindhoven EP was recorded. The next album, The New Order, was released in 1988, and found the band continuing in a similar vein. After another successful world tour the band headed back into the studio to record Practice What You Preach. Released in 1989, the album minimized the occult and gothic themes found in the lyrical content of their first two albums, instead focusing on real-life issues such as politics and corruption. The album was the band's most popular to date and even MTV took notice, giving the title track extensive airplay on Headbanger's Ball.[citation needed] However, Testament would never be able to equal the success they found with Practice. In 1990, Souls of Black was released to mixed reviews and slow album sales. Attempting to reconnect with an audience distracted by the growing grunge movement, Testament released The Ritual in 1992. The Ritual saw a stylistic move away from thrash to a slightly more traditional heavy metal sound. Sales were poor and the band began to implode. Souls of Black is the fourth album by Testament, released in 1990. This would be the last thrash metal styled effort performed by the original line up until the bands 2008 release The Formation of Damnation. The song "Souls of Black" appeared on the 2008 video game Rock Band 2. Track listing: * All songs written by Testament 1. "Beginning of the End" 0:35 2. "Face in the Sky" 3:53 3. "Falling Fast" 4:05 4. "Souls of Black" 3:22 5. "Absence of Light" 3:54 6. "Love to Hate" 3:40 7. "Malpractice" 4:43 8. "One Man's Fate" 4:49 9. "The Legacy" 5:30 10. "Seven Days of May" 4:40 Credits: * Chuck Billy Vocals * Alex Skolnick Lead Guitar * Eric Peterson Rhythm Guitar * Greg Christian Bass * Louie Clemente Drums * Additional background vocals by Mark Walters, Steve Quartarola, Bogdan Jablonski * Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, USA * Produced by Michael Rosen and Testament * Engineered by Michael Rosen * Assistant engineered by Vincent Wojno * Mastered by Tom Coyne at Hit Factory, New York City, USA * Front cover painting by William Benson Released:9-October-1990 Recorded:Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, USA Genre: Thrash metal Length: 39:07 Label: Atlantic/Megaforce Producer: Michael Rosen/Testament
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