Textures - Stream of Consciousness
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Textures - Stream of Consciousness
Textures - Stream of Consciousness from the album Drawing Circles Dutch metal band Textures featuring the brilliant Eric Kalsbeek on Vocals, Stef Broks − Drums Remko Tielemans − Bass Bart Hennephof − Guitars Jochem Jacobs − Guitars, backing vocals Richard Rietdijk − Synthesiszers The band plays a combination of technical death metal, metallic hardcore and progressive rock. They have six members, which makes for a dense sound, and the keyboards add a layer of atmosphere and much needed diversity that most bands of this genre lack. Drawing Circles has tons of breakdowns but it also has sophisticated and subtle arrangements intertwined amongst the barrage of blast beats. The vocals are mainly aggressive hardcore style yells, but just when you think you have their sound figured out they change it up. For example, the song "Illumination" has melodic vocals and sounds like mainstream rock, and there are other songs in that vein. Textures' musicianship is flawless. The band's technical complexity combined with a knack for melody and a ton of diversity make for a very powerful CD. Albums are Polars, Drawing Circles and the highly acclaimed, Silhouttes released 2009
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