The Best Power Metal Bands
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The Best Power Metal Bands
These are (in my opinion) the 10 best power metal bands,enjoy!!!! Remember every1 has different opinions, so if u dont agree with me bout the bands, then do ur own vid, i would like to see which bands u think are the best Altaria- Crucifix Hammerfall- Stronger than All Angra- The Temple of Hate Helloween- Guardians Iced Earth- Dracula Avantasia- The Final Sacrifice Sonata Arctica- Kingdom for a heart Stratovarius- Stratosphere Kamelot- Center of the Universe Rhapsody- Emerald Sword Nightwish- Planet Hell Blind Guardian- Battlefield Edguy- Mysteria Gamma Ray- Dethronne Tyranny Freternia- The Unexpected Firewind - The Fire and the Fury Galneryus - Silent Revelations AND MORE!!! NOT DRAGONFORCE!!!!! A mistake i made when i choose Helloween song...when i downloaded the version of rhapsody ( a long time ago), it said "rhapsody-guardians". time passed and i discovered that it was a helloween song, so i changed the name to "helloween-guardians" and also downloaded the original version, named "guardians". when i did this vid, i used "helloween-guardians", which obviously i see now that it wasn't its version, so i say sorry for that to all Helloween fans, included me. There was another video, but it was deleted by WMG because of copyright infringment, sorry :(
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