The Best Progressive/Groovy/Super Awesome Metal Bands
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The Best Progressive/Groovy/Super Awesome Metal Bands
This is a video on my favorite djent, prog, groove bands etc. So sit back and enjoy. Outro song - Guru: Holes In the Wall of Sound i do not own any of the music in this video. they are all owned by the artists and their record companies. Bands Felsillent - Immerse After The Burial - A Steady Decline, Cursing Akhenaten Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time, Point to Point Bulb - Absolomb, Ow My Feelings Circle of Contempt - Zerohour, Concealed Cloudcicker - Dysphoria, $ The Contorionist - Realms, Eyes: Closed (GET THEIR ALBUM!) Elitist - Transcend Haunted Shores - When In Oslo Periphery - Letter Experiment, Buttersnips A Plea For Purging - Depravity Structures - Transitions Veil of Maya - Dark Passenger, Crawl Back Vildhjarta - Deceit, Don't Fail Me Now (Lady Luck) Volumes - Through The Trees, Two-One TesseracT - Concealing Fate (GET THEIR EP!) Last one is a surprise.... I uploaded the video and realized that i didn't put Born of Osiris in here. Shame on me, and they definitely deserve a spot. As well as Chimp Spanner, Sikth and Painted In Exile. Sorry. Cloudkicker linkvvvvvv Links to I Am Abomination & Chon
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