The Biohazard: Part 2
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The Biohazard: Part 2
The Biohazard is a short film that takes place a week after a deadly infection goes viral. The film is about a "biohazard" - a hazard to life. The infection is the first of its kind. Organisms that contract the virus die after a short amount of time, but soon after they die the virus reanimates the organism's dead cells, sending the organism into a homicidal state. There is no known cure or vaccine for the virus at this time. The question of whether the human population will survive or not is yet to be answered. This is the second part of The Biohazard. In this part the group of survivors (Angelo, Michael, and Bo) are trying to get out of the city and to their "safe-house" in the countryside. Getting out of the city, however, will not be easy. Since this film was a large project we wanted to have a nice soundtrack. That's why we contacted Josh Loughrey, a music composer who makes awesome music for films. If you would like to get a hold of him, check out the link below: A lot of work went into this video so we hope you guys like it, and if you do, please share it on Facebook or Twitter or just show it to a friend! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Check out our blog
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