THE DESCENT, The day after tomorrow, 08-10-2010
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THE DESCENT, The day after tomorrow, 08-10-2010
Sala Bilborock The Descent (Bilbao, Spain) was formed in the last months of 2006 when, after having been a part of other local bands, guitarists Ander and Antón, along with drummer Aitor, came together with the intention of forming a thrash/death metal band, with strong Swedish-style death metal influnces from bands such as At the Gates, Dimension Zero, and The Haunted. Some months later, Xabi "Garban" entered into the picture as the bass player, and they began to write songs. After a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and practice, the cuartet began to search for a singer. They found the perfect fit with Carlos, who would add a definitive touch to the music and help strengthen the group's music as a whole. After the incorporation of this last member, the band began to record their first three-song demo, a speed-laden, powerful and melodic tour-de-force. After Xabi left the group for personal reasons, Garaio came to fill the gap as the new bass player, completing the current lineup. The band's most recent release strongly reflects their Swedish metal influences, with a sound that make the disc uniquely theirs.
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