The Engines of Armageddon - FUCK THE CHIP
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The Engines of Armageddon - FUCK THE CHIP The Engines of Armageddon are a RADICAL VIGILANTE NETWORK dedicated to the FREEDOM OF MANKIND from the clutches of hierarchical SLAVERY. JOIN US IN OUR QUEST AND TRUE LIBERATION WILL BE UPON US ALL! We are in the process of INFILTRATING THE PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS by releasing mind-bending PROPAGANDA in the form of CD ALBUMS, DOING GIGS as a hella-tight Thrash/Power/Doom/Groove METAL BAND from Nottingham UK, and using CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasize important stuff in all correspondences - the international elite didn't see THAT one coming 'FUCK THE CHIP' has quickly become a live favourite, with mash-lovers everywhere shouting its unwholesome moniker at our three lads in the street. So they decided to record it and release it for FREE. Download the high quality MP3 from the official website: Video filmed by Laura Turner of
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