The F* October project- Mexican Metal Band (Minatitlán,Ver.)-DEMO (shades of dishonour) song)
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The F* October project- Mexican Metal Band (Minatitlán,Ver.)-DEMO (shades of dishonour) song)
In the beggining like altern proyect, the guittarist from Haborym(MEX), comformed The f*king October Project called before Autumn, Autumn Twilight and finally The October Project. One if them followed the proyect, wich is a melodic black fussion with heavy tendences, taken structures of the old speed metal. TFOP is a band full of power emotions, inside each riff, with sweet passages, dark progressions and hight melodics all with impetu and passions. TFOP give nightcult and all of she give us!! After some years, the band started a new age and the oficial line up was conformed by Leonardo Villaseca (Leo), Armando Rodriguez(Wilo) and Abraham Rodriguez(Negro).The gangs has played in many clubes around t he Mexican Republik Like : Veracruz, Xalapa,Poza Rica,Martinez de la Torre Orizaba,Acayucan, Coatzacoalcos,Minatltlan,Tabasco, Puebla,Teziutlan, Oaxaca,DF etc... TFOP has joined stage with many Mexican Bands like Republika, Defiant Agression, Rapture,Soul Burner, Nothingnes, Haborym, Septicem, Winter Moon, Sabacthani, Alfa Er¡dano,Baal, Panic, Funeral Ritual, Sibimortem, Excrement, Idiot Flesh, Seperfu,The Dark Beyond, Maggots, Strike Master, Acrania, Tension, Bastard Throne, Divine Dinasty, Age of War, Raziel Ego, Blackwings,Asaroth.. and many bands around México. In September 2006 TFOP open the BlackFest IV in Mexico City with Mystic Cricle FromGermany at El Circo Volador and now keeping spawing his f*king music at all stages in Mèxico. In 2009 TFOP open The Lord Vampire ...
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