The-Lucifer-Principle -Into Decay + BURN!- Live @ Elsrock 2010 Rijssen Holland
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The-Lucifer-Principle -Into Decay + BURN!- Live @ Elsrock 2010 Rijssen Holland
Filmed by Arnoo ( ) , Erhan ( ), Arnout. The Lucifer Principle: Edited by Arnoo. -The Ignition- By the end of 2004, the infernal machine of the Dutch based The Lucifer Principle took a brutal start. Within 8 months, the band released two well received demos (Burn! and Flamethrower) in which they showed their original approach of an old and heavy genre. he use of a stand up bass make The Lucifer Principle different to all other death metal bands. Instead of an electric one, the stand up bass underlines the groovy character of the songs. The music of TLP is best described as Stomping Death Metal, a mixture between old school heavy metal, rock 'n roll and groove, all connected by a firm and edgy death metal base. -What's in a name- The band found a great source of inspiration in Howard Bloom's "The Lucifer Principle". The book describes the origin of human nature, in which violence and "evil" are the basic ingredients. Human beings grow up with the thought that violence doesn't solve anything. History however, has already proven numerous times that violence does solve a great deal of problems. The greatest civilisations (including their problems) all have fallen victim to violence and disappeared to make place for a new way of thinking. The Lucifer Principle stand for the avalanche effect, or action = reaction, something TLP practice while playing live. -The Fire- TLP have played with a wide variety of bands (Obituary ...
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