The Nail - Fearless moon
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The Nail - Fearless moon
Really amazing work from this Spanish band. Strong and Fast; thrash metal! my space: download by free the album: The Nail is a thrash metal band. Formed in Vigo, (Galicia) when two members from other local bands, (Dany - Skydancer and Bruno - Anticed), got in touch in the february of 2010. After the first rehearsals, Rodry (Dark Eternity) and Alvaro (Silent Knight) soon joined the band. The line up got complete at this point. In 2010 the rehearsals began, playing some songs that couldn't be included in Skydancer, composing and modeling other new ones with a more thrash oriented style and less melodic vibe. During a year more or less, the band was getting ready for live shows and their studio debut. The result of this work it´s ¨Imperfection¨,an EP with 6 songs, introducing the sound of the band as a pure thrash metal project. Soon the first live dates will be announced. ADDITIONAL INFO: Booking & contact: Myspace design & artwork by Daniel Soengas
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