The Unguided - Hell Frost (Extended Preview)
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The Unguided - Hell Frost (Extended Preview)
Artist: The Unguided Album: Hell Frost Release Date: November 22nd, 2011 (iTunes)/November 30th, 2011 Purchase 'Hell Frost' here: Other Links: http http http Tracklist: 1. Inherit the Earth @ 0:00 2. Phoenix Down @ 1:30 3. Betrayer of the Code @ 3:00 4. My Own Death @ 4:30 5. Serenade of Guilt @ 6:00 6. Collapse my Dream @ 7:30 7. Green Eyed Demon @ 9:00 8. Iceheart Fragment @ 10:30 9. Pathfinder @ 12:00 10. Where the Frost Rose Withers @ 13:30 11. The Miracle of Mind (bonus song, only available on jakebox cd) Cover Artwork by: Kuang Hong ( THE UNGUIDED logo by: Leah Eropkin ( Cover Layout by Richard Sjunnesson ( Record Label Despotz Records ( Album Preview: "Waited long enough already? At least the triple R's in THE UNGUIDED believe so! We must admit, that your patience is indeed blameless and possibly only overcome by your own curiosity hehe. There will be no more waiting however, because the time has FINALLY arrived! THE UNGUIDED's full length debut album is as of now complete and more than ready to be unleashed upon this wretched world. This album is not only a product generated by blood tears, joy and hard work from the band and many others, but also by YOU! You enormous support in our releases so far, did not only buy us all the way through ...
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