Thirst - The Last Hymn That Was Obtained From Flames
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Thirst - The Last Hymn That Was Obtained From Flames
Polish Black Metal. From "The Might of the Pagan Belief" Full-length, 1994 Recorded during the August full moon Anno 1994 at Gnome Studio. Engineered by Thirst. Session Keyboards by Norbert Osiñski. All music by Occulta All lyrics by Zahrim Occulta - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Morlock - Guitar Aiwass - Drums Session Keyboards by Norbert Osiñski Out of the black night, out of the dark abyss Looms the silhouelte of a licentious witch She's an immemorial guru og bloodthirsty rituals Snake's daughter stained with sin The time has come to bury her, Throw her into flames to devour The stake is burning. She's standing in the middle of fire Wind pulls her by yhe hair, fire entwines her things She's not afraid of death, she scolfs at priests Though she knows it's her last night Blasphemous prayers issue from her lips Looks at that murder with hatred Her sorcery and magic won't save her She must die to reborn again Her hymn will stay on earth for ages Remembrance of her won't disappear, she's a scuzz! She'll stay with us, she'll survive.
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