Thirteen Bled Promises - The Boy In The Clap Pajamas [WITH LYRICS]
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Thirteen Bled Promises - The Boy In The Clap Pajamas [WITH LYRICS]
Album: Disimpregnations Demo. Year: 2010. Genre: Brutal Death Metal/ Brutal Deathcore. Tracklist: 1. Smells So Good It Makes You Cry. 2. A Perfect Buyate. 3. Darker Than Black. 4. The Boy In The Clap Pajamas. Lyrics: We were in Dario´s joint, surrounded by smoke and we saw this yellow shine, coming out of his dog. It was a portal to another dimension full of humanoids covered in lights; there everything was incorrupt, there was no hate, there was no hate, no pain, no war. They were behind the pyramids. They were behind the pyramids and the Easter Island heads, that was so clear on the paintings they had on the walls. They took us to their leader, a finger covered little man, he was a new kind of sight for us, in front of him we felt insignificant. They are the ufos, they are the sasquatchs, they are the guns of el chupacabra. We had a mental conversation about the humans' kind destiny, he said you guys keep smoking weed, it's the only way to salvation, it's the only way to salvation! it's the best connection, between dimensions. Pay close attention, pay close attention: We are God, we are Buddah, we were Ghandi, but spread the word, so the ones with free minds need not fear us no more, your souls will come to us through the way of pot.
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