Top 10 Best Melodic Death Metal Riffs
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Top 10 Best Melodic Death Metal Riffs
Full list provided in description. Feel free to go to my channel and check out my video for my top ten favorite vocalists. Also feel free to check out my upcoming band Ensis at these locations and leave a comment! 10-Blind Stare- My Black Letter (Good melodic/symphonic riff) 9-Dissection- God of Forbidden Light (Not known for being melo-death, but sorry, these three riffs used together are melo-death.) 8-Gorod- Chronicles From the Stone Age (A tech-death band, but the two riffs are also melodic and undeniably awesome.) 7-Edge of Sanity- Incantation VI (From death metal mastermind and legend Dan Swano. One of my favorite all time albums of any genre) 6- In Thy Dreams- Weeping Twilight (Highest Beauty is a somewhat unknown album, but is one of the best albums of melo-death ever with Weeping Twilight being the best song on it.) 5-In Flames- Gyroscope (Old In Flames- legendary) 4-Noumena- All Veiled (Not a very well known band, but when I heard the chorus riff I played it a million times. One of the catchiest riffs I've ever heard.) 3- Wintersun- Beautiful Death (Also one of my favorite all time albums, Jari Maenpaa is a genius, as is this song.) 2- Gates of Ishtar- Trail of Tears (Nothing flashy, but just sounds like pure classic melo-death.) 1- Vital Remains- Devoured Elysium (I had a hard time putting this number one because they clearly are not a melodic death band, but the riff is purely melodic and ...
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