Top 10 Progressive Metal Songs of All Time
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Top 10 Progressive Metal Songs of All Time
The top 10 Prog-Metal songs of all time (IMO of course). Please rate, comment, watch my other videos, subscribe, and tell me what song(s) you would have preferred in the list. Thanks! 10. Tool - Sober 9. LTE - Paradigm Shift 8. James LaBrie - Alone 7. Queensryche - Eyes of a Stranger 6. Dream Theater - In the Name of God 5. Symphony X - Of Sins and Shadows 4. Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 1 3. Queensryche - Revolution Calling 2. Symphony X - The Edge of Forever 1. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons Bands that didn't make the list due to genre but still kick ass: Opeth (Progressive Death Metal) Trivium (Metal) In Flames (Melodic Death Metal) Dark Tranquility (Melodic Death Metal)
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