Top 10 Underrated Melodic Death Metal Bands - Part 1
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Top 10 Underrated Melodic Death Metal Bands - Part 1
Here are 10 of some of the best,and most underrated,melodic death metal bands around... Here you won't see kalmah,children of bodom and the likes,because i have grown bored of seeing them everywhere... We want to see the ones who aren't really famous,but still know how to put up a good show... So,enjoy!! Here's the tracklist in no particular order: 10: Dagon - Into The North (Terraphobic) 9: Descending - Descending (Enter Annihilation)* 8: Trashcanned - Death Will Prevail (Key To The Paradox) 7: Empyreon - Infinity (Beyond Perception) 6: Blind - In Search For I (For The World To See) 5: Solerrain - Tvoy Ad (Fighting The Illusions) 4: Ruined Soul - My Dying Day (My Dying Day) 3: Satariel - The Springrise (Hydra) 2: Sunless Rise - Lost Path (Promo) 1: Dark Haven - Through Dying Eyes (Fallout) *Sorry for cutting the Descending song at the middle of the solo :) Comment,Rate,Subscribe!!
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