Top 20 Best Power Metal Bands
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Top 20 Best Power Metal Bands
May 26th, 2009: These bands are listed in opinion, not fact. Don't bitch to me about the position of a certain band. Just because you like them, doesn't mean I have to like them as much or satisfy your needs. I'm back after about 4 months! I saw a lot of people suggesting and requesting specific bands that I've heard of, but never took my time to try and get into. But here it is! Ten more power metal bands for your viewing pleasure! I should warn you that I didn't change the top 2, so they won't come to much of a surprise. Also, this list was very hard to assemble with 20 bands to choose from instead of 10. Oh yeah. Not even a mention to Dragonforce. Also, the songs I use doesn't mean it's their best song. I just note the song I used so people don't ask in the future. And if you guys were curious: Rhapsody: -1 Stratovarius: +1 Avantasia: -1 Freedom Call: -10 Gamma Ray: +3 HammerFall: -6 Sonata Arctica: +0 Kamelot: -3 Blind Guardian: +0 Helloween: +0
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