Totgeburt: "Stacheldrahtsymphonie" Doomed to Die (Split, 2010) ..
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Totgeburt: "Stacheldrahtsymphonie" Doomed to Die (Split, 2010) ..
Stacheldrahtsymphonie from Totgeburt, released via Self Mutilation Services mexican DSBM label in the split "Doomed to Die" which also includes Obehag, Leichenstätte and Beyond the Ninth Wave. Included in this video are the scans from the booklet and the song is originally 25 minutes but i cut the intro. This is a sequel to the album 'Asche Unter Meiner Haut' released via Anti-earth Campaign on November 6, 2008. T. is creator of Totgeburt and owner of Anti-earth Campaign. Totgeburt would be described as misanthropic blackmetal altough it fits the black metal / ambient labels for its sound. Stacheldrahtsymphonie was recorded in 2009. ..
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