TOXODETH - Doom Predictions(1988)
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TOXODETH - Doom Predictions(1988)
TOXODETH REVIEWS I found some new gods they are sure the best death metal musicians in Mexico!...Very fast mega-great godly deathrash songs filled with excellent guitar parts and very technical drumming and bass parts. Its quiet hard to explain exactly how they sound, but just say godly and you get a good view I think its fucking brilliant and original, that's for sure!, there's really not one single part that might sounds like an other band!...I would say that's unique! in my opinion they fit in the hall of fame of the underground :CARCASS,MORBID ANGEL,AUTOPSY and TOXODETH.The big four who have all four the most original sound and quality in this scene... Theo Loomans EVOKER MAGAZINE AUGUST 1989 HOLLAND NEDERLAND EUROPA TOXODETH are the most wellknown Mexican band, their music is difficult to explain, there are lots of different parts...There are these solo-guitar parts between the songs, who sounds like European folk, sometimes classical all cases is worth to write them because their music is really very good and most of all, an own style... Carsten Messerschmidt HERETIC MAGAZINE JAN 1990 GERMANY EUROPE Who could ever expect the big surprise of the month would come from the far Mexico? The trinity pretend to play "Dead Metal" and not "Death Metal"(!!!???!). It doesn't matter to me ,anyways its great!...Toxodeth has almost the same kind of qualities a band such as POSSESSED...Just like the ancient American band, Toxodeth brings a lethal dose of death...The ...
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