TROLL METAL - Welcome to Trollstad
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TROLL METAL - Welcome to Trollstad
Get this Song here: or on iTunes: Get real CD's here: Facebook / Twitter / Merchandise: Another selfcomposed Troll Song of mine, arranged on Keyboard and Guitar / Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16. Since I started composing Troll Songs I always wanted to make a "Partysong" in that Genre, and I think I succeeded with this one. Actually the whole Song got created because I wanted to make a REALLY bad Song for a Friend of mine, it was just a little Joke... but then I started composing and realized "Hey... this sounds actually good!" And well, here we are... Welcome to Trollstad, everyone! © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler. Links to similar Songs: Behind the Stars: Hringhorni: Moorchild: Snow From Seven Years Past: Brachnirs Clam: An Everlasting Flame: Wolves of the Sea: Freedom Spirit: Sons of the Allfather: Trolltod: Metsän Lapi: Juhannuskokko: Gleipnir: The Sylvans Path: A Celtic Lore: A Celtic Tale: Viking Blood: DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Original of the Picture, it was edited by me.
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