true death metal bands(ebs choice dm)
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true death metal bands(ebs choice dm)
make sure to watch the second one :) made this to show what real death metal is :) and yes im fine with grindcore (well most of it) speedmetal melodeath and pretty much any form of metal not just death metal wich is desplayed here suffocation - bind torture kill nile - essential salts krisiun - thorns of heaven vader - this is the war deicide - scars of the crucifix vomitory - terrorize brutalize sodomize hate eternal - the victorious reign immolation - father you're not a father morbid angel - dominate cannibal corpse - hammer smashed face (of course but stick around till the end its awesome) if youre curious of wich album a song is on each sound clip starts with a pic of its album cover except for this is the war (the art of war) and hammer smashed face (tomb of the mutilated) i hope this reminded everyone of what brutal music sounded like and for those who never forgot enjoyed it... peace!!! ps. if you can spot out the pic that doesnt fit then you get an ecookie
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