Tsjuder - Unholy Paragon
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Tsjuder - Unholy Paragon
Tsjuder was a Norwegian Black Metal band that formed in 1993 as Nag (vocalist/bassist), Beserk (guitarist), Torvus (drums) and Draugluin (guitarist). Over the years between 1993 and 2004 many had joined and left the band, but Nag and Draugluin were pretty much the mainstayers of the group. In 2006, after a good run of 13 years, the mighty Tsjuder split up and the band ended. One of the founders, Nag, and former drummer Desecrator has now formed a new band called Krypt, set to spread True Norwegian Black Metal all over again. This Tsjuder song is called Unholy Paragon, from the classic album Desert Northern Hell. Due to my WMM having some problems, I had to use another shitty program that I am not really familiar with. No slideshow this time, just take in the music of what pure, no-nonsense Norwegian BM really sounds like. TSJUDER 1993 - 2006 Lyrics Embraced by the cold Northern light Under the Throne of the Megalith A chilling voice penetrates my mind I drank the Seas of Knowledge Under the flaming Sun I saw them The twelve holy disciples To reign the creation of a God And bend their knees for millenniums to come The word spreads... And the new seeds are born Pagan souls raise your torches high The holy shall burn Their bones shall build palaces The Paragon of Sin And delight of the coven We shall arise... Under the Throne of the Northern Darkness With my art and knowledge I am Gods triumphator I am the Antichrist
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